6 Steps to build your brand.

By Definition ” Brand building is the process of shaping customers emotions, feelings, memories, and opinions associated with your brand through a strategy-driven plan that stands the test of time and people.”

Follow these 6 steps to build a successful and sustainable brand

List out the core strengths of your business.
Start with listing out the core strengths of your business. Why did you start (the purpose of) the business? What problem did you intend to solve? The best way to summarize the purpose of your business is to create a “Mission Statement.” A fantastic example of a mission statement is given below. Amazon does an excellent job by clearly defining the reason for its existence and purpose of its business.

“To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.”

You don’t have to display your mission statement in public. You can use it as an internal guiding light for you and as well as for your employees.

Define your Brand Promise
Define your Brand Promise: Your offering that’s unique and differentiates your brand from competitors. Your brand promise aligns your offerings with your brand purpose and all other aspects of your brand. This is a statement (quantifiable and expressive) expressing what you offer, what you promise to deliver and what to expect from your brand. It’s imperative that you deliver what you promise without compromising the customer experience at all touch points. When defining brand promise keep in mind if it’s measurable For eg: The Brand Promise of BMW is “The Ultimate Driving Machine”

Determine Your Target Audience
Your objectives and intentions might be right, but just be pragmatic. You cannot be everything to everybody. So get specific and think about the target audience you want to serve. Who will be the ideal customer for your product branding or service? A working mom who is interested in parenting tips, a young teenage girl who is health conscious? Or athletes from college?
Draw buyer personas to get your messaging more purposeful and meaningful.

Build Your Brand
Now you have created a mission statement, differentiated your brand from your competitors and determined your target audience. Let’s move onto generating awareness and establishing your brand. That means, Give your brand a personality (if your brand is a human, who would it be? assign some human characteristics), define your brand voice, define a tone and formulate a brand story. This is the emotional expression of the brand and it helps in building a unique identity, reputation, and trust.

Promote Your Brand
Promoting the brand is the most exciting part. Everybody know what promotion means, but the right promotion can mean different things to different businesses. Promoting a brand is an art and science, and you have to spend a lot of time on it. Choose the right social media channel based on your target audience and spend your efforts for optimum results. It is better off to take one or 2 channels and being consistent instead of putting yourself on every social media and not being active.

Consistency is the Key
Be consistent with your message across the social/professional channels. A consumer’s experience at different touch points with the brand should be similar. At all times, your brand identity, brand personality,brand promotion,brand development, brand creation,brand management, brand tone & voice should be consistent. All messages should be aligned with your brand promise.

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